The New Sight program has been involved with truancy court since 2007.  New Sight provides support for parents and all tracking for kids involved with truancy court in Polk County Iowa.  We provide assistance to parents in the home setting and school checks, which encourage young people to attend school at all times.  New Sight staff works with all Des Moines Public Schools elementary through high school, and kids 6 to 16 years of age.

Referrals are made when a child has missed too many days of school in a school year without having a valid excuse. Referrals are usually made by the school social workers when a young person and parent has violated the compulsory education act which prohibits any child in the state or Iowa from missing numerous days of school before the age of 16.

New Sight, Inc. also collaborates with Star Jammers.

New Sight also takes referrals from parents if they are having trouble with their kid skipping school or other school related issues. One requirement is that families must have Title 19 Insurance or be willing to self-pay.

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