Do you answer "YES" to any of these questions?

Check MarkCheck MarkHave you had problems with your child and asked for help, but couldn’t access services because there was not court involvement?

Check MarkCheck Mark Has your child had problems in school and there were limited resources to assist you with your child?

Check MarkCheck Mark Are you a single parent and struggling with your child's acting out episodes?

Check MarkCheck Mark Has your child recently been diagnosed/assessed with problems and you need to find services in the community to assist you?

Check MarkCheck Mark Has your child recently begun associating with negative peers and begin to show problematic behaviors?

Check MarkCheck Mark Do you and your child have communication breakdowns and are you looking for assistance?

Check MarkCheck Mark Have you and your child engaged in physical altercations and you want help to resolve these problems?


Who is eligible?

Any child between the age of 4-18 with Medicaid and has a mental health diagnosis.


Will BHIS help my family?

Your family may benefit from services if your child displays poor behaviors such as:  poor listening skills and communication, physical or verbal aggression, disrespectful behaviors, truancy, depression, anxiety, unable to sit still and a lack of meaningful relationships.


New Sight can help! Contact us for further information at 515-263-0019.

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