BHIS Services

New Sight, Inc. is here to assist your child ways to manage their behavior. Our BHIS Therapists work with families including education and support in coping with your child’s health and mental symptoms to manage your child’s behaviors. The skills teaching may include: communication skills, problem-solving, behavior management, and relationship skills, etc.

LPHA Assessments

LPHA is completed by a Licensed Professional of Healing Arts (LPHA). The therapist will meet with the client to assess symptoms, behaviors, and circumstances. The LPHA will then make a mental health diagnosis and help link the client with a provider and/or therapist for the recommended remedial services community.

Individual and Family Therapy

Individual therapy involves working on a one-to-one basis with a therapist to prepare a plan to create positive changes in one’s life by exploring a variety of issues.  Family therapy that includes members of a family for the treatment of problems that affect the family as a whole; problems such as mental illness, substance abuse, bereavement, or any other problem having a negative effect on the healthy functioning of the family.

Substance Abuse Assessments/Treatment

The clinical evaluation of the substance abuse program consists of a clinical assessment and review of client’s needs based on the results of the assessment. Results of the assessment, screening, and evaluation process are explained to the client and family along with recommendations for treatment. Recommendations for treatment are made based on appropriate level of services and need. 

Truancy Court

New Sight provides support for parents and all tracking for kids involved with Truancy Court in Polk County Iowa. We provide assistance to parents in the home setting as well as school checks.


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